Quick Answer: Can You Buy Books From Libraries?

Can You Buy Books From the Library?

The short answer is no.

You can’t shop your local library’s shelves or expect that the librarian will offer you the option to buy one of the books.

Sure, you could “accidentally” lose the book and pay for a replacement, but most libraries charge extra fees to deter such behavior.

How do you buy books from the library?


  • Inquire about the library’s book buying process.
  • Arrange to buy books according to the library’s fiscal year.
  • Contact the “Friends of the Library” organization.
  • Ask for a current list of books the library needs to acquire.
  • Consult the library on whether they prefer hardcover, paperback or library bound books.

Does ThriftBooks buy used books?

Our program allows libraries to repurpose books they no longer want or need on their shelves. Libraries send us books, make money, and create space for new material. ThriftBooks receives good quality, used books, lists them for sale, and finds new readers worldwide, extending the life of books.

Where do libraries get their money?

Most libraries work on annual budgets based mainly on city or county allocations, or property tax allocations. Myth: The federal government funds U.S. public libraries. Reality: Actually, the vast majority of library budgets come from local sources—state and federal dollars usually make up the smallest portion.

Where can I get books for cheap?

Here are some of the best online bookstores where you can find great deals on new books, used books, textbooks and much more.

  1. Bookdepository. Official website: https://www.bookdepository.com/
  2. BetterWorldBooks.
  3. AbeBooks.
  4. Amazon.
  5. Powell’s Books.
  6. Thrift Books.
  7. Alibris.
  8. Half Price Books.