Quick Answer: Can You Put Shoes In Recycling Bin?

While you may have noble intentions, throwing your shoes in the recycle bin will actually cause more harm than good as most shoes are made from a mix of different materials.

Your local recycling depot will most likely need to throw the shoes away and seperate them from recyclable materials.

How do I dispose of old shoes?

What’s the best way to dispose old footwear? If the shoes are in fairly good shape it’s best to give them away so they can be reused. You can donate them to local thrift shops or to charity, for example to Soles4Souls, a non-profit organisation that distributes shoes to poor people.

What can go into the recycling bin?

Recycling Bin

  • Drink cans and food tins.
  • Tetra-Pak cartons.
  • Newspapers, pamphlets, envelopes, books, magazines, paper bags.
  • All plastic bottles.
  • Cardboard.
  • Plastic Packaging.

Can you donate old shoes?

The truly worn in and worn out shoes won’t be in good condition to donate. However, you can recycle shoes through programs that accept shoes that are falling apart. With your help, we can provide a life-changing solution: a good pair of shoes.” The shoes should be new or gently worn, meaning no holes.