Question: Does Goodwill Take School Supplies?

Does goodwill take used school supplies?

Goodwill Industries International

The organization accepts donated items and sells them at substantial discounts through a network of more than 1,500 Goodwill retail stores.

Goodwill accepts office equipment as well as reusable household items, jewelry, toys, and clothing.

Does Goodwill accept pet supplies?

Donations Goodwill CANNOT Accept. Goodwill greatly appreciates every donation. Unfortunately, due to safety, legal or environmental concerns, Goodwill cannot accept the following: Furniture that is covered in animal hair, broken, worn, torn, stained, or missing parts.

Where can I donate office and school supplies?

9 organizations that accept donated office supplies and equipment.

  • Goodwill.
  • Local retail stores.
  • Freecycle.
  • iLoveSchools.
  • Local donation and recycling sites.
  • Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA)
  • Operation Give.
  • Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA)

What kind of items does goodwill take?

Goodwill happily accepts the following new or gently used items:

  1. Vehicles—We are now accepting donations of vehicles in all conditions.
  2. Clothing, shoes and boots.
  3. Jewelry.
  4. Hats, gloves, mittens and scarves.
  5. Books, records, compact disks, video tapes and DVDs.
  6. Games, toys and sports equipment.

Does Salvation Army take school supplies?

The Salvation Army is a great place to donate school supplies this year. Each branch of the Salvation Army coordinates programs for collecting school supplies. The Salvation Army asks that you contact your local Salvation Army for instructions and information on donating school supplies.

Can you donate bras to Goodwill?

Though donation guidelines vary by location, some may accept and sell clean, gently worn bras in their stores. Contact your local Goodwill to see if bras are an approved item are on their list. If you’re willing to donate your bras, chances are good that your relatives and friends would be willing to do the same.

Does Goodwill accept baby items?

Goodwill is not licensed to handle or sell items of this kind and disposal is expensive and highly restricted. CPSC frequently recalled items. Infant furniture, car seats, exercise equipment, baby cribs, strollers, carriages, playpens/play yards, children’s items containing lead or phthalates.

What can you do with old stuffed animals?


  • Give them away directly to people who want them. I’ve successfully used my local freecycle group to give away stuffed animals.
  • Give them to Goodwill or other thrift stores.
  • Donate via SAFE: Stuffed Animals for Emergencies.
  • Donate to police or fire departments.
  • Give them to animal shelters.

Can you donate sheets to Goodwill?

While many Goodwill stores can accept bedsheets, blankets and other linens, many locations do not accept mattresses and box springs.

What office supplies can be recycled?

Office supplies that are not recyclable – and what to do with them

  1. Carbon paper.
  2. Adhesive tape.
  3. Food wrappings.
  4. Padded envelopes.
  5. Post-it notes.
  6. Three-ring binders.
  7. Wax paper.
  8. Pressure sensitive labels.

Where can I donate unwanted items?

Where to Donate Your Stuff Before Moving

  • Goodwill. With 3,200 stores around the country, Goodwill is one of the most popular places to send donations.
  • Local Libraries. Looking to lighten your bookshelves?
  • Dress for Success. Listen up ladies!
  • Habitat for Humanity Restore.
  • Baby2Baby.
  • Food Banks.
  • eBay Giving Works.
  • Salvation Army.

Where can I donate office equipment?

Where to Donate an Office Copier – 8 Charitable Places To Donate Copiers

  1. Donate Your Office Copier to Local Nonprofits.
  2. Computers with Causes.
  3. National Center for Electronics Recycling.
  4. Earth911.
  5. Salvation Army.
  6. The Freecycle Network.
  7. Check Out Our Blog for More Info!