Question: How Do College Textbooks Save Money?

Unlike tuition and fees, however, textbook costs are something you can control by buying and selling cheap textbooks.

Two of the best methods of saving money on textbooks include buying used textbooks and selling your books back to the college bookstore at the end of the academic term.

How can I save money on textbooks?

Here’s how to save money on textbooks

  • Avoid the bookstore, except for essentials.
  • Wait until after the first class to buy.
  • Buy used whenever possible.
  • Check out the price of e-books.
  • Split costs with a friend.
  • Buy older editions.
  • Try the library.
  • Rent your textbooks online.

How can I save money on books and supplies for college?

8 Ways to Save Money on College Textbooks

  1. Steer clear of the bookstore. This is the No. 1 one way to spend less money on textbooks.
  2. Buy used. College students have been buying used textbooks for years, and they shouldn’t stop now.
  3. Share.
  4. Check the library.
  5. Rent books.
  6. Opt for ebooks.
  7. Consider buying the older edition.
  8. Decide which you’ll use long-term.

Is renting college textbooks a good idea?

There are a few main reasons to rent textbooks. In most cases, renting college textbooks is also usually cheaper than buying and then reselling your used book. Sometimes students will get lucky and be able to resell their textbook for a good price, but that typically doesn’t happen with every book, every semester.

What is the best way to buy college textbooks?

Here are several top textbook sites for buying or renting cheap college books online.

  • Chegg. Chegg is a wonderful site for finding affordable college books online.
  • Amazon.
  • BookFinder.
  • CampusBooks.
  • SlugBooks.
  • ValoreBooks.
  • Alibris.
  • Affordabook.

Is copying a textbook illegal?

While the best approach is to lawfully purchase or rent a textbook, you may be able photocopy a small section of the book for a single assignment without violating copyright laws, as Lifehacker explains. However, photocopying too much of a textbook could potentially lead to costly copyright infringement claims.

How can I get college textbooks for cheap?

Buying On The Cheap

  1. Bid on auctions or Buy It Now!
  2. This site sells both new and used textbooks.
  3. Better World Books. If you’re feeling charitable, Better World Books accepts used book donations to eliminate trash and resells them at a discount.
  8. ecampus.

Can you rent textbooks from the library?

Rent your textbooks in other ways.

Much like online movie-rental services, sites like and allows you to rent textbooks rather than buy them. The savings can be substantial, so long as you’re careful to return your books on time so your rentals don’t get converted to purchases.

Where can I sell my college books for cash?

Best Places to Sell Textbooks Online

  • BookScouter. BookScouter prides itself on being the world’s largest textbook buyback price comparison tool.
  • Bookbyte. Another great place to sell your used textbooks online is Bookbyte.
  • Decluttr.
  • Cash4Books.
  • BooksRun.
  • ValoreBooks.
  • Amazon.
  • BookFinder.

How can I save money for college?

Here are some key ways to save money on entertainment in college.

  1. Attend Free Events on Campus. There’s a lot of events going on campus at any given time.
  2. Use Your Campus Gym.
  3. Cut Cable And Watch Online.
  4. Share Gaming Expenses.
  5. Ask For Student Discounts.
  6. Start A Free Hobby.
  7. Read For Free In The Library.
  8. Volunteer.

Does Amazon rent college textbooks?

Yes, when you rent textbooks at, you may purchase the textbook after the first 30 days of your rental period. Simply go to the Manage Your Rental page to view your rental library. Select the textbook you wish to purchase and then proceed through the checkout process.

Should you rent or buy college textbooks?

Typically, buyback programs don’t offer you as much money for your books. So something you purchased for $75 might sell for $20 at the end of the semester. Since you own the book, though, you also have the option to keep it for future reference or sell online. Renting textbooks is much cheaper than purchasing books.

Do you need to buy college textbooks?

Students may choose not to purchase textbooks for a number of reasons. However, another reason that students may not purchase a textbook for a particular course may be that it isn’t really used. Although almost every college course requires a textbook of some sort, some college professors never use or refer to it.