How Do I Market My Book On Amazon?

Below are some key steps you need to take in order to learn how to market your book on Amazon.

  • Prepare your Book With a Good Cover and Professional Editing.
  • Setup your Metadata.
  • Get Reviews Before You Start Selling.
  • Understand the Rankings Game.
  • Plan your Marketing for a 48 Hour Blitz.
  • GO!
  • Wait 90 days, Rinse, Repeat.

How do I promote my book on Amazon?

Ten ways to market your books

  1. Create a compelling cover.
  2. Edit and proofread your book well.
  3. Write a compelling description of your book.
  4. Introduce yourself to your readers.
  5. Promote your book online.
  6. Publish paperbacks through KDP.
  7. Upload videos and book trailers.

How do I promote my book on KDP?

Choose the live KDP book you want to advertise. Click Promote and Advertise under KINDLE EBOOK ACTIONS or PAPERBACK ACTIONS. Under “Run an Ad Campaign,” click Create an Ad Campaign. If you haven’t set up an Amazon Advertising account, this will create your account and sign you in.

How do I market my book?

  • Start by Creating Your Brand.
  • Create a Website.
  • Create an Email List.
  • Choose the Right Audience for Marketing.
  • Reach Out to Book Reviewers.
  • Choose the Right Book Cover.
  • Offer Your Book for Free on Amazon.
  • Use Ads on Amazon to Boost Your Sales.

How much does it cost to publish a book on Amazon?

You’re in charge of the price and associated commission as well. When you upload your book, Amazon tells you what their costs are — $2.50 for example, for a 150-page book. From there you can price your book at anything higher, say $9.

How do I make my book free on Amazon?



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What is the best way to promote a book?

How to Promote Your Book Online On A Tight Budget

  1. Involve Your Social Media Audience.
  2. Send a Notification Email to Your Readers.
  3. Use Free Websites to Create Demand.
  4. Collaborate with Opinion Leaders.
  5. Publish Free Samples.
  6. Sell on Amazon.
  7. Write a press release for PRWeb.
  8. Run a Contest with Your Book as an Award.

How do I promote my self published book?

Here’s what I learned:

  • Plan Your Launch Around Your Goals. Whatever your goals for publishing a book, the way you promote it needs to fit around them.
  • Build Relationships Before You Need Them.
  • Engage Your Audience.
  • Don’t Copy Blindly.
  • Get into Amazon’s “Also Boughts”
  • Get Reviews.
  • Go Beyond the Book.

Do authors know who buys their books on Amazon?

Authors constantly wonder who their readers are. Amazon doesn’t share customer contact information, so you never know who actually buys your books. However, there is a secret way to identify your target audience. Go to your book’s Amazon page and look at the “Customers Also Bought” section.