Quick Answer: How Do You Downsize Things?

Here are my tips for downsizing wisely, whether you’re moving or simply freeing up space in your current home.

  • Downsize the Big Stuff If You’re Moving.
  • Take the Small Stuff With You.
  • Go Through Every Box.
  • Plan Your Storage Before Downsizing Further.
  • Follow the One-Year Rule.

How do I downsize my belongings?

How to Downsize Your Belongings

  1. Toss Anything You Don’t Use 80 Percent of the Time. You have to be ruthless when downsizing.
  2. Don’t Get a Storage Unit. “I tell everyone I work with that off-site storage is not your friend,” says Jacquie.
  3. Differentiate Between Decoration and Clutter.
  4. Sell Items With Resale Potential.
  5. Sell Art With Value.
  6. Keep What You Love.

How do you prepare for a downsize move?

How to Downsize Your Stuff for a Move

  • Get an early start.
  • Work in concentric circles.
  • Involve your family.
  • Ask yourself questions.
  • Envision your new home.
  • Determine the cost.
  • Consider context.
  • Be kind to yourself.

How do you know when it’s time to downsize?

5 Signs It’s Time to Downsize Your Home

  1. Your mortgage, insurance, and property taxes exceed 30% of your take-home pay.
  2. Your maintenance and repair costs keep climbing.
  3. Your housing costs leave no room for savings.
  4. You’re tired of not having options.
  5. You’re no longer using all that space.

At what age should seniors downsize?

Like most Senior Housing, CCRCs are age-restricted communities. Residents must be over some minimum age. Ages 55, 62, or 65 are the most common legal thresholds.