How Do You Preserve Books?


  • Store books long-term in plastic bins.
  • Find an appropriate space for storing your bins of books.
  • Keep books in rooms with relatively low humidity.
  • Keep books away from direct heat.
  • Reduce exposure to direct light.
  • Store books upright or flat.
  • Protect books from bookworms.
  • Store rare books in custom sleeves.

Here are a few must-dos, collected from experts around the web:

  • The Sun. Store old books (or any book you want to pay extra attention to) out of direct sunlight.
  • Dust.
  • Temperature/ Humidity. Keep the books away from heat sources like the air vents.
  • Storing Books.
  • Covers.
  • Marking Ownership.
  • Sources/More Information:

Smooth gently with a bone folder to eliminate air bubbles. Cut away the corners of the laminate at a 45º angle. Also slit the laminate at the corners of the spine at a 45º angle. Fold the overlapping laminate around the book edge or material and secure to inside of the covers.Use bookends that will maintain books in a vertical position. Companion books sharing a shelf together should keep one another upright but allow for easy access and good air flow. Keep tall books flat — Protect the bindings of large books (18″ or higher) by keeping them flat on a stable surface rather than upright.

  • Careful shelving. Unless a book is a very old or delicate, shelve them upright, as they would be in any bookstore.
  • Keep Books Away From Direct Sunlight.
  • Try to Regulate the Humidity.
  • Prevent Dust Buildup.
  • Store Books Away From Smoke or Cooking.
  • Keep Food Away From Books.
  • Protective Plastic Covers.

Use a heavy book and absorbent paper. Protect the pages of your book by using absorbent paper on either side of your rose as pigments in the petals and stem may stain them. Place a rose every ⅛ inch between the pages of the book. Close the book and weigh it down with more books or other heavy items.steps

  • For beautiful pressed flowers, gather clean flowers free of spots or blemishes. Try collecting them on a sunny day when they are not wet from rain or dew.
  • Place the flower face down in a telephone book lined with parchment paper.
  • Close the book, weigh it down, and leave undisturbed for seven to 10 days.

How do I protect my books in storage?

Pack books in small or medium size boxes or plastic containers. For rare or limited edition books you will want to take special care when placing in storage. Wrap each book in a paper towel or bubble wrap to protect the surface from dirt or residue buildup. Never wrap books in plastic bags, plastic wrap or foil.

How do you pack books for long term storage?



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How do you maintain books?

Method 1 Handling Your Book

  1. Touch your book with clean hands. Always wash your hands before handling your book.
  2. Avoid eating or drinking while reading your book.
  3. Remove your book from the shelf by the middle of the spine.
  4. Use a flat bookmark to mark your place.

What is the best way to store old books?

Tips for Storing Rare Books:

  • Avoid storing in slipcases, which are containers that slide onto the book and do not cover the spine.
  • Large books taller than 18 inches and/or wider than 3 inches should lie flat.
  • Do not pack them too tightly when putting them on shelves.
  • Group books on shelves according to size.

Can books be stored in plastic containers?

And don’t wrap books in plastic bags, plastic wrap, or foil, which encourage mold. Before storing, check the surrounding areas for signs of insects or mice. Pack books in small- or medium-size boxes or plastic containers, making sure they are weatherproof and moistureproof.