Quick Answer: How Long Does It Take For Paperback Books To Be Released?

Some publishers release the paperback a year after the hardback comes out, especially with popular mass-market books expected to have high sales.

Hardbacks have much higher profit margins than paperbacks.

Some publishers release the paperback six months after pub date.

Why do paperback books come out later?

Like cinema tickets, hardcover books generate more profit per unit than paperbacks. Hardbacks’ durability means they are also popular with libraries. And they hold a certain snob value, too: literary editors traditionally don’t review paperbacks. Once hardback sales have slowed, a paperback edition is released.

Is hardcover better than paperback?

Hardcover books have a better paper and print quality

Furthermore, their pages are thicker and have a premium look. The font is also bigger in hardcover books which makes it easier for the eyes to read. On the other hand, paperback books are made of lesser quality paper like newsprint paper that is easily damaged.

When did paperback books appear for the first time?

Nineteenth Century Ancestors

Many references on paperbacks will tell you that the first mass-market paperback ever issued was The Good Earth, by Pearl S Buck, in 1938. Actually, of course, paperbacks have been around a lot longer than that – as early, in fact, as the 17th Century in France and Germany.

Do hardcover books last longer?

How long will that hardcover last? It’s probably safe to say that most people expect hardcover books to last for decades. But cost-cutting at some publishers is reducing the life of the paper in many hardcovers to just a few years.

How long after hardcover is paperback?

Contrast that with the book business, where it is still common for publishers to wait nine months to a year after a book is released in hardcover to produce a less expensive paperback version.

Why are books released on Tuesdays?

“I think it’s because the bestseller lists calculate sales from Saturday to Saturday, so an on-sale date early in the week allows for booksellers to get the books on the shelf in time for weekend sales. And because other industries also release new product on Tuesdays.” A new theory!