Question: Is Book Appropriate Age?

How do you know a book is age appropriate?

Sometimes, finding an age-appropriate book is as easy as matching your child’s age to the reading level printed on the back of a book.

If your child is 10, for example, then you can look for books in the 9–12 age bracket.

Is there an age restriction on books?

You can usually tell by the cover or the placement of the book in the store. They just don’t typically put an age limit or recommendation on the cover. But it’s not enforced legally, as it is with most all other mediums. Assuming you live in the US, age restrictions on media aren’t legally enforceable.

Is there a rating system for books?

All Ages is good for young children, with Mild being similar to a very “mild” PG movie. Both Mild+ and Moderate ratings will be somewhere around a PG or a PG-13 rating, with the moderate having slightly more intense language, heat, and violence.

Is Glass movie OK for kids?

Those things might make “Glass” a little too much for younger kids. And while it’s a comic book-inspired movie, it’s clearly aimed at an adult audience. “Glass” is rated PG-13 for violence including some bloody images, thematic elements, and language.