Quick Answer: Is Chegg Reliable For Books?

Yes, they are a respectable and trustworthy vendor to buy or rent your textbooks from.

When Chegg pops up on our site as the vendor with the best deals on textbook rentals and purchases, buy away – when it comes to cheap textbooks, Chegg is totally too legit.

Can you buy books from Chegg?

Sign in to your Chegg account and click Books on the top menu. Scroll down to the book you are planning to purchase. If you want to purchase more books, you will have to repeat these steps for each one of them. Click to put a tick mark in the tiny box to the left of the title you’d like to keep for ever.

Is it better to rent or buy college textbooks?

Buying is also a better option if you are taking a multi semester class, like some science and math courses which will end up being cheaper than renting in the long run. While buying textbooks is the pricier option, it is sometimes a great investment.

How long does chegg take to deliver books?

When the slower book arrives, just return it within 21 days of placing the order. Once we receive it at the warehouse, we’ll refund the amount you paid, minus original shipping. You can print your prepaid UPS return label now to be ready to paste it on the box and send it back as soon as it arrives.

How much does chegg charge for overdue books?

There are two fees you’ll be charged if you return your books late. The first fee will be charged after your due date has passed if you haven’t returned your books. This is a fee to automatically extend your due date by 10 days—it’s 25% of the rental cost, plus tax.

How much is chegg per month?

Chegg Study membership pricing:

While I recommend grabbing a free Chegg account to start with, you can get a study membership priced at $14.95/month. When comparing with other services helping students in high school and college, Chegg Study pricing is affordable and provides the best value.

Is Chegg free?

Join for free and get a free tutoring session.

As a college or high school student, you can join Chegg for free and pay no monthly subscription fee. You’ll also be treated to a free 30-minute one-to-one session with a live tutor. Once you are a user, you can rent books and search for textbook answers.

What is the best website to buy college textbooks?

Fortunately, we’ve saved you the time and effort of trawling the internet yourself and have gathered a list of places to get the best deals.

  • Amazon. Arguably, Amazon is the best place to find college textbooks at reasonable prices.
  • Chegg.
  • AbeBooks.
  • Half.com.
  • DealOz.
  • Textbooks.com.
  • Campus Book Rentals.

Should I buy my books before the first day of college?

Generally, wait until you go to class before you purchase your books. Unless you’re explicitly told to get the book and do readings before class starts (yuck), I recommend waiting until you go to the first class and receive the syllabus before buying all required readings. That’s what I do.

What happens if you don’t return a rented textbook?

All rentals must be postmarked by their return date. If the rental is not returned within this extension period, you will be charged the purchase price of the book. At that point in time you will become the owner of your rental book. If you fail to pay these late fees, your account will be sent to a collections agency.

How long does chegg payment take?

Chegg will inspect your book and pay you within 1-10 days depending on your payment method.

How much does chegg charge for shipping?

Chegg Textbook Rental Store Information

Shipping Option Estimated Shipping Time Cost Per Shipment
Standard Delivery 7 to 10 business days $3.99
Ground Shipping 4 to 7 business days $4.99
UPS 2nd Day 1 to 3 business days $9.99
Next Day 1 business day $15.99

2 more rows

Where is chegg located?

Chegg. Chegg, Inc. is an American education technology company based in Santa Clara, California that provides student services like homework help, online tutoring, test preparation, scholarship searches, internship matching, and college application advice, as well as both digital and physical textbook rentals.