Is Wheezing Audible Without Stethoscope?

Can you hear wheezing without a stethoscope?

Usually it is due to a blockage of airflow in the windpipe (trachea) or in the back of the throat.


High-pitched sounds produced by narrowed airways.

Wheezing and other abnormal sounds can sometimes be heard without a stethoscope..

Can wheezing be heard with a stethoscope?

Some wheezes can only be heard with a stethoscope, but often they can be heard with the human ear. Wheezing is more obvious when you breathe out (exhale), but can also be heard when you breathe in (inhale). The tone of the wheeze can vary depending on which part of the respiratory system is blocked or narrowed.

Is wheezing a lower airway sound?

In asthma, the wheezing is due to narrowing of the lower airways whereas with malignancies the obstruction is usually in the upper, more proximal airways. In rare cases, wheezing may be heard both during inspiration and expiration.

What are the symptoms of wheezing?

The symptoms of wheezing include a musical or whistling sound and labored breathing, particularly when exhaling; sometimes they’re accompanied by a feeling of tightening in the chest.