Question: What Bound Documents?

What are bound documents?

Thus, a single page folded in half becomes a 4 page book and so on.

Wiro Bound Documents.

Wiro bound document printing is a highly popular option.

The process involves gathering pages together and treading a formed metal wire through punched holes in the spine.

How do you bind a document?

Here are a few ways you can do so:

  • Use a comb binding machine. Comb binding is popular for a reason– it is inexpensive and easy.
  • Use screw posts. If you don’t want to get a binding machine, screw posts are a great second option.
  • Use a thermal binding machine.
  • Use three-ring binders.

How do you spiral bind a document?

How do I bind a document using spiral coil binding?

  1. When the coil binding is spun onto the document, the excess coil binding needs to be cut and crimped using coil binding cut and crimp pliers.
  2. When using the cut/crimp pliers, always use them in your right hand with your thumb next to the red dot.

What is document binding on a printer?

Definition: Comb binding is a method of securing loose printed pages using a piece of plastic with “teeth” that fit into rectangular holes in the paper. Comb binding is somewhat similar to wire spiral binding.