Quick Answer: What Can I Throw In The Blue Recycle Bin?

A lot of things can be recycled in the blue bin.

Most paper products, including newspaper, office paper, cardboard, food boxes (including clean frozen food boxes), magazines, and advertisements.

Paper products must be free of food waste, pet waste, oil or excessive dirt.

Cartons can now be included in your blue bin!

What can I put in my blue bin?

We now take:

  • Plastic pots, tubs and trays.
  • Plastic bottle lids.
  • Metal lids from jars and bottles.
  • Cardboard.
  • Food tins and drinks cans (rinsed)
  • Paper.
  • Plastic bottles (for example, fizzy drink bottles, milk bottles, water bottles, detergent bottles – please remove lids and put them in the blue bin separately)

What can you throw in recycle bin?

Recycling Bin

  1. Drink cans and food tins.
  2. Tetra-Pak cartons.
  3. Newspapers, pamphlets, envelopes, books, magazines, paper bags.
  4. All plastic bottles.
  5. Cardboard.
  6. Plastic Packaging.

What should you not put in your recycling bin?

Read on to find out once and for all.

  • Pizza boxes. The grease can’t be separated from the paper fibers.
  • Light bulbs. Check your state regulations for disposal.
  • Food soiled containers. There can’t be any residue.
  • Aluminum foil. The foil isn’t recyclable.
  • Capped water bottles.
  • Pyrex.
  • Drinking glasses.
  • Ceramics.

Can I put clothes in blue bin?

Until the burgundy bin is delivered; paper, card and cardboard should be placed in the blue bin alongside plastics, cans and cartons. Your blue bin is collected every 4 weeks from the kerbside or the agreed collection point. You can recycle plastics, cans and cartons in your blue bin.