Quick Answer: What Can You Do With Old Stuffed Animals?

The following are a few suggestions that may help anyone with gently used stuffed animals looking for new homes.

  • Give them away directly to people who want them.
  • Give them to Goodwill or other thrift stores.
  • Donate via SAFE: Stuffed Animals for Emergencies.
  • Donate to police or fire departments.
  • Give them to animal shelters.

Can I throw away stuffed animals?

Textiles account for around 5 percent of landfill space, so it’s a good idea to recycle your stuffed animals (not to mention old clothes that can’t be donated), as they will be used to make textiles that are often used in garments for developing countries, or used for fibers for other applications.

Where can I donate gently used stuffed animals?

Salvation Army and Goodwill are the most recognizable charities where toys are donated. Just be sure to call your local donation center first because some, but not all, have stopped accepting toy donations. The toys may go directly to a less fortunate child, or they’ll be sold in the organization’s thrift store.

Does Salvation Army accept stuffed animals?

For example, The Salvation Army of Southeast Michigan will accept donations of stuffed animals and plush toys that are in good condition to be sold at one of its 36 thrift stores. “If your child has more toys than they can play with—or you can store—consider donating them at one of our local thrift stores.

Do stuffed animals have flame retardants?

Stuffed animals and fabric teething toys should be made from all natural, untreated fibers, preferably certified organic cotton with non-toxic dyes. Most soft fabric toys or stuffed animals are made with synthetic materials that are treated with various toxic chemicals to make them fire retardant or stain resistant.

Where can I get rid of stuffed animals?

Toy Donation Options

  1. Resell Charities. Charity thrift stores such as Goodwill and The Salvation Army accept toys and then put them on the store floor for others to buy.
  2. Local Shelters and Children’s Centers.
  3. Preschools and Nurseries.
  4. Church Charities.
  5. Freecycle.

Can you donate stuffed animals to Toys for Tots?

You can contribute to your local Toys for Tots campaign in several ways. You can donate a toy at one of the area toy drop locations, host a Toys for Tots event at your home, office or other venue and collect toys for Toys for Tots, or volunteer at the local warehouse.