Quick Answer: What Do You Do With Phone Books?

Yellow Pages: 17 Clever Uses For Old Phone Books

  • Book Balls. We’ll start with a beautiful craft from Muslin & Merlot that can be used as a Christmas ornament or perhaps a year-round decoration you put inside a bowl on your dinner table.
  • Drummer’s Practice Pad.
  • Secret Safe.
  • Fire Starters.
  • Wreath.
  • Mulch.
  • Coasters.
  • Kneeling Pad.

Can phone books be recycled?

Your entire phone book can be recycled, including the binding. However, sometimes phone books are delivered with extra items such as a plastic bag or magnets and those should be separated prior to recycling.

Do they still have phone books?

On the upside, phone books are still free. Some state phone books are on the verge of discontinued, if they haven’t already been. Current users can go to www.verizon.com/whitepages to look up numbers and soon, the printed books will completely be a thing of the past.

Do they still make phone books 2019?

The Yellow Pages will stop printing from January 2019 after more than five decades, its owner Yell has announced. The first of the 104 final editions will be distributed in Kingston in January 2018, and the last will be sent out a year later in Brighton, where it was first published in 1966.

How can books be reused?


  1. Create a shelf using an old hardcover book.
  2. Hollow out a hardcover books, to make a secret hiding place.
  3. Make a book purse.
  4. Use it as an art journal or as a scrapbook.
  5. Make a book clock.
  6. Make a book table.
  7. Try your hand at book sculpture.
  8. Turn the book into a lampshade.

Can you recycle the Yellow Pages?

Yes you can recycle old yellow pages directories and the great news is that most local authorities will accept them. Contrary to popular belief, Yellow pages are in fact made from white paper! The yellow colour is just ink printed in the same way as the adverts themselves.

Can laminated paper be recycled?

No! Laminated paper is NOT recyclable.

Paper and plastic cannot be recycled once mixed together because water is used to break down paper and heat is used to break down plastic. This way you can take the paper out and recycle it once you are done and you can reuse the plastic sleeve.

Why are the yellow pages yellow?

Yellow pages are business listings in a telephone directory. Long ago a printer had insufficient white paper for his printing, so he printed residential in white and business listings in yellow. Dividing the two sections by color made it easier for customers to navigate the book and the idea became popular.

How much does it cost to advertise in the phone book?

These ads can cost between $250 and $400 a month. A quarter-page ad might cost about $1,250 per month while a full-page ad might cost between $2,500 and $5,000 per month. Standard listings – those that include only a business’ name and phone – can be purchased for much less money.

Do they still print white pages?

Why you might still get the white pages

They cost money to print and distribute, and provide essentially no revenue. For years, states have required landline providers to distribute white pages as a public service.

How much does a Yellow Pages website cost?

To place a business card-sized ad in Yellow Pages costs anywhere from $250 to $400 a month, depending on your location. If you want to take out a full page ad in Yellow Pages, you’re looking at – a month, or ,000 to ,000 a year.

How many pages are in the Yellow Pages?

Yellow pages

2004 Yellow Pages
Parent Yell
Categories business directory
Frequency yearly
Publisher Yell

6 more rows

How do I order Yellow Pages?

To order “The Real Yellow Pages” directories or to stop delivery, please call:

  • Phone: 1-800-479-2977.
  • Website: mydirectories.yp.com.

What can I do with useless books?

10 Ways to Recycle Your Old Books

  1. Donate to your local library. Bring your gently used books to your local library.
  2. Donate to a local charity. Bring your boxes of used books to your local Goodwill, Salvation Army or other local charity.
  3. Make some gift tags.
  4. Recycle your unusable books.
  5. Sell them or give them away online.
  6. Make a “Free Books” box.

How many textbooks are thrown away each year?

A study by the United States National Wildlife Federation partnered with textbook publishers and the United States Environmental Protection Agency discovered that 640,000 tons of books are deposited into landfills every year. That is .4 percent of all municipal solid waste in a year!

Where can I sell old textbooks?

We’ve got options for selling textbooks, as well as hardcovers and paperbacks.

  • BookScouter. I like to start with BookScouter.com.
  • Half Price Books.
  • Amazon.
  • Powell’s Books.
  • Online Buy Back Programs.
  • Your local indie.