What Is The Series Of A Book?

What are books in a series called?

Three books: Trilogy.

Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, contains The Fellowship Of The Ring, The Two Towers and The Return Of The King.

Two: Duology.

Four: Tetralogy.

You could call a series of books a collection.

How many books are in a series?

A book series can be two books or 50 books and counting.

What are 4 books in a series called?

Supposedly a four book series is called a “Quadrilogy”. (What a mouthful.) I’ve also heard it called a quartet. A five is a quintet. Or sometimes I heard people say that they read “A series of four”.

What is a series of 8 books called?

A heptalogy (from Greek ἑπτα- hepta-, “seven” and -λογία -logia, “discourse”) is a compound literary or narrative work that is made up of seven distinct works. While not in wide usage, it has been used to describe such examples as the Harry Potter series of books, and The Chronicles of Narnia.

What is a series of 2 books called?

It would be called a book and it’s sequel but combined duology does seem to be the accepted term.

What is a series of 6 books called?

Five book series: Pentalogy.*** 6 books it where it gets difficult. Mathematically speaking, it should be called a hexalogy. In common terms, however, it it usually just referred to as a 6-part series. Some terms that are sometimes used for the hell of it are ‘sextet’ or ‘dual-trilogy’.

What is the most successful book series?

The Best Selling Book Series of all Time

  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone JK Rowling. Copies Sold: 400 million.
  • Goosebumps R. L. Stine.
  • Perry Mason Thomas M.
  • Berenstain Bears Stan and Jan Berenstain.
  • Choose Your Own Adventure.
  • Sweet Valley High Jamie Suzzane.
  • Noddy Enid Blyton.
  • Nancy Drew Sonja Morris, Terry Munson.

What is considered a series?

noun, plural se. · ries. a group or a number of related or similar things, events, etc., arranged or occurring in temporal, spatial, or other order or succession; sequence.

What is a series of 5 movies called?

You can call a series of four films (or books) a tetrology or a quartet, a series of five a quintet or pentalogy (or maybe even quintology), but “sextet” seems to be the standard usage for a series of six.

What is the last part of a book called?

The appendices of a book, which appear at the end of it, can include an index, a bibliography or list of references, and other appended material. As noted in other answers, the last chapter in a novel, describing events after the last scene and wrapping up unresolved plot lines, can be called the epilogue.

What is the biggest book series?


  2. #7: SHANNARA.
  4. #5: XANTH.
  6. #3: VALDEMAR.
  7. #2: MALAZAN.
  8. #1: DISCWORLD. During Terry Pratchett’s prolific writing career, he wrote 45 Discworld novels spreading across 15,497 pages.

What is called a collection of books?

Book collecting is the collecting of books, including seeking, locating, acquiring, organizing, cataloging, displaying, storing, and maintaining whatever books are of interest to a given collector. The love of books is bibliophilia, and someone who loves to read, admire, and collect books is called a bibliophile.

What is a three book series called?

As an alternative to “tetralogy”, “quartet” is sometimes used, particularly for series of four books. The term “quadrilogy”, using the Latin prefix quadri- instead of the Greek, and first recorded in 1865, has also been used for marketing the Alien movies.

What do you call the third book in a series?

If the third work falls between the events of the previous two works within the timeline of the overall story then it is called an interquel. A sequel involving three stories in the series is referred to as a trilogy. A tetralogy is a four-part series; a five-part series is called a pentalogy.

What is a trilogy of trilogies called?

One of the most popular “trilogies” of fantasy books, The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien, is not a trilogy, though it is often referred to as such. It is still most commonly sold as three volumes, but has also been published in one-volume and seven-volume editions (six books and the appendices).

Is if I stay a series?

If I Stay (2 book series) Kindle Edition. From Book 1: The critically acclaimed, bestselling novel from Gayle Forman, author of Where She Went, Just One Day, and Just One Year. Soon to be a major motion picture, starring Chloe Moretz!

Can you write a sequel to someone else’s book?

The holder is typically the author, the author’s family or the publisher of the book. Without attaining the rights, you can’t sell/publish a sequel. The good news for all who want to write sequels to their favorite books is that thousands of old books have had their copyrights expire.

What’s before a trilogy?

Before trilogy. The Before trilogy consists of three films directed by Richard Linklater and starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy as lovers Jesse and Céline at three different parts of their lives. The trilogy consists of the films Before Sunrise (1995), Before Sunset (2004) and Before Midnight (2013).