Quick Answer: Where Can I Donate Old Blankets?

Donate old sheets and towels to a local animal shelter.

Most shelters will accept old blankets, bath towels, hand towels, sheets, pillows, pillowcases, bathroom rugs and t-shirts.

Do animal shelters need blankets?

Call your local animal shelter or pet rescue to find out exactly what types of blankets and towels they are accepting as donations. Most organizations are not picky about donations, but some do require that blankets are not stuffed with any type of padding.

Where can I recycle old blankets?

Linens: Goodwill and Salvation Army thrift stores accept towels, sheets, curtains, and such. To donate well-worn towels, call your local animal shelter. Often they take them to use for pet bedding and/or for cleanup rags. Mattresses: They are the stuff of landfill nightmares.

What donations do animal shelters need?

20 Simple Things to Donate to an Animal Shelter

  • Pet food and treats– A lot of the shelter’s money goes towards buying food.
  • Towels and blankets– Shelters are often cold and animals like to have a blanket to curl up on.
  • Kitty litter and cat boxes– Cats go to the bathroom- a lot.

Do any charities accept duvets?

Most charity shops will not now accept duvets which have been used. A local animal shelter, animal rescue charity or shelter for the homeless may also be grateful for donations of duvets or indeed any unwanted bedding such as blankets.

Can you donate blankets?

Blankets can be donated to homeless shelters, local churches and charities that have a clothing donation program, victims of domestic violence shelters, and animal shelters. If your blankets are somewhat threadbare, they can still be donated to animal shelters.

Do animal shelters take pillows?

Check with local animal shelters. These places often accept donations of used bedding and pillows for use in animal crates. Once you find a shelter in need, arrange a time to drop off the pillows. Or bring pillows to a thrift store or charity near you if they are still in fair shape, with no holes, stains or lumps.

What can I do with old bed sheets?

17 Uses for Old Bed Sheets

  1. Fort Building. Keep a stash of old bed sheets in a closet for building forts!
  2. Garden Protection.
  3. Auto Emergencies.
  4. Crafting Tunic/Smock.
  5. Picnic Blanket or Tablecloth.
  6. Reusable Shopping Bag.
  7. Cleaning Rags.
  8. Bath Mat.

What will Salvation Army take?

The Salvation Army accepts all clothing for men, women, infants and children. It also accepts recordings, compact discs, jewelry, shoes, purses and accessories. Collectibles, jewelry, small antiques and linens such as sheets, blankets, pillowcases and towels are welcome.

What do hotels do with old towels?

What Do Hotels Do With Their Old, Worn Out, and/or Stained Towels & Sheets? Other hotels take badly stained (but otherwise OK – not threadbare) towels, dye them, and use them as their pool towels. If a towel is too shabby, they’re sometimes cut into rag-sized pieces so housekeeping can use them for cleaning rooms.

Can I donate open bags of dog food?

You can also donate open bags of cat food to Happy Cat Rescue. If you can’t make it there yourself, let us know and we’ll gladly pick up your donations and deliver them.

Where can I donate used dog items?

Shelters can always use some extra supplies. Contact your local shelter or rescue group to see if it has a wish list of items it needs, just be sure to clean any supplies before you donate them.

Donate your pets’ gently-used items

  • Water and food bowls.
  • Toys.
  • Leashes and collars.
  • Brushes/grooming tools.
  • Pet beds.

How do I start a pet food bank?

If you’d like to start a pet food bank in your town, here’s a 10-step guide to start you on this incredibly rewarding journey. needs of the organization and keep you focused on your primary mission. IRS by calling 1-800-829-4933.