Where Do I Return My Amazon Books?

How to return a rented book on Amazon

  • Make your way to the Manage Your Rentals section of your account.
  • Click the Return rental button next to the item you wish to return.
  • You will be prompted to select the drop-off location you would like to use.
  • Print the pre-paid shipping label and packing slip provided.

Can we return books on Amazon in?

You can return most items purchased at Amazon Books, Amazon 4-star, and Presented by Amazon for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

How do I return an Amazon package?

How to Return Items Purchased on Amazon

  1. Go to your Amazon orders page.
  2. Each order will be in a box.
  3. Click the Return items button on the right side.
  4. Click the checkmark next to each product you want to return.
  5. On the right-side of the products you want to return, select a reason for return from the drop-down menu.

Does Amazon accept used returns?

In most cases, used or open box items purchased from Amazon Warehouse and shipped from Amazon.com can be returned within 30 days of receipt of shipment.

Can Amazon ban you for too many returns?

According to The Wall Street Journal, Amazon has banned consumers from making purchases on their retailing site for practices such as returning too many items. The report cites two customers who had their accounts banned without warning. The idea of Amazon banning customers for too many returns is not new.

How do I return something I bought from Amazon to Kohls?

Here’s the five-step process:

  • Begin your return with Amazon’s Online Return Center.
  • Select the Kohl’s Drop-off option.
  • Amazon will email you a QR code.
  • Bring the items you’re returning to a participating Kohl’s store and show the QR code on your smartphone to a Kohl’s associate in the customer service department.

Where do I drop off my Amazon return?

UPS drop-off: We provide you with a prepaid shipping label for your return package and take it to an authorized UPS shipping location. (We’ll show you a list of drop-off locations in your area.) This option allows you to track your package on its way back to us.

Can you return things to Amazon without a receipt?

Within 30 days of a purchase or receipt of a gift, Amazon will accept returns without hassle; after that period, many items are still eligible for return or replacement if they prove defective. Here’s how to return an item to Amazon, whether you bought it, got it as a gift, or received it by mistake.