Question: Where Is The Best Place To Sell Textbooks?

Best Websites to Sell Your Textbooks

  • BookScouter. BookScouter might be the best website to sell textbooks for the most money because it compares the prices of 38 vendors at once.
  • Decluttr.
  • BooksRun.
  • eCampus.
  • Chegg Books.
  • CampusBooks.
  • ValoreBooks.

Gainesville, FL Sell Used Textbooks

  • Book Gallery West. (1)
  • Gator Textbooks Inc. (1)
  • Book Chaser & Repairs. 2441 NW 43rd StGainesville, FL 32606.
  • Textbook Brokers U of F. 1227 W University AveGainesville, FL 32601.
  • Used Santa Fe Textbooks.
  • Barnes & Noble Clg Booksellers.
  • Barnes & Noble Booksellers.
  • Weeks Flea Market.

Lubbock, TX Sell Used Books

  • Hester Books. (1)
  • Barnes & Noble Booksellers. 6002 Slide Rd Ste 68203Lubbock, TX 79414.
  • Double T Bookstore. BBB Rating: A+
  • Red & Black Bookstore. 2400 Glenna Goodacre Blvd Ste 101RLubbock, TX 79401.
  • Hastings Entertainment. View all 3 Locations.
  • Double T Bookstore.
  • Hester Books.
  • Bill Russell Ministries.
  • Ad Playwood. Playsets. 78704 (South Austin) Austin, TX 78704 (512) 354-3973.
  • Recycled Reads. 82 reviews. $ Bookstores.
  • BookPeople. 399 reviews. $$ Bookstores.
  • South Congress Books. 35 reviews. $$ Used Bookstore.
  • Half Price Books. 150 reviews.
  • Half Price Books. 126 reviews.
  • Book Woman. 36 reviews.
  • Austin Books & Comics. 161 reviews.

Where can I get the most money for my college textbooks?

As you’ll see below, there’s no shortage of used book buyers!

  1. BookScouter. BookScouter prides itself on being the world’s largest textbook buyback price comparison tool.
  2. Bookbyte. Another great place to sell your used textbooks online is Bookbyte.
  3. Decluttr.
  4. Cash4Books.
  5. BooksRun.
  6. ValoreBooks.
  7. Amazon.
  8. BookFinder.

Where can I sell college textbooks in person?

Best websites to sell textbooks

  • Book Scouter: Best Place to Sell College Textbooks for a High Price. If you’re looking for the highest price for your college textbook, you won’t go wrong with the Book Scouter website.
  • Cash 4 Books.
  • Sell Back Your Book.
  • Valore Books.
  • Sell Back Books.
  • BookByte.
  • BooksIntoCash.

Do pawn shops buy textbooks?

Pawn shops will buy books, but they won’t buy just any book. Books are a hard sell in anything but a thrift store unless the book has intrinsic value. To be of interest to a pawn shop, your book will need to have something slightly special about it.

Can I sell my old college textbooks?

Textbook buyback: Before you go to the college bookstore and get only a fraction of what you paid, check’s buyback price comparison to sell your textbooks for the most money. You can even sell novels, cookbooks and other types of books; our partners buy up to 1 million titles.

Where can I sell old textbooks?

We’ve got options for selling textbooks, as well as hardcovers and paperbacks.

  1. BookScouter. I like to start with
  2. Half Price Books.
  3. Amazon.
  4. Powell’s Books.
  5. Online Buy Back Programs.
  6. Your local indie.

What to do with old textbooks you can’t sell?

In case you find yourself in a similar situation, here are 10 ways to recycle your old books.

  • Donate to your local library. Bring your gently used books to your local library.
  • Donate to a local charity.
  • Make some gift tags.
  • Recycle your unusable books.
  • Sell them or give them away online.
  • Make a “Free Books” box.

Where can I find cheap textbooks?

The 8 Best Sites for Scoring Cheap Textbooks

  1. Chegg. For those who prefer renting books to purchasing them, Chegg is worth checking out.
  2. Campus Book Rentals.
  3. Amazon.
  5. Better World Books.
  8. Cengage.

Does Barnes and Noble buy textbooks in store?

About Selling Your Textbooks To get a quote for a textbook, click on Sell Your Textbooks . The Online Buyback Center manages the Sell and Buyback programs for Barnes & Noble. This Using Gift Cards at B&N College Bookstores Barnes & Noble Gift Cards may be redeemed at any Barnes & Noble College bookstore nationwide.

How do I sell old textbooks on Amazon?



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What can I pawn for quick cash?

Best Things to Pawn at a Pawnshop

  • Precious Metals. Jewelry is one of the biggest moneymakers in pawnshops.
  • Tablets. When you already have a computer and a smartphone, your tablet is an easy target for pawnbroker fodder.
  • Power Tools.
  • Gems.
  • Firearms.
  • Collectible Coins and Currency.
  • Sporting Goods.
  • Smartphones.

What can I pawn for 500 dollars?

You can pawn the following items for approximately $500 cash today.

  1. Gamer Computer.
  2. High-End Laptop.
  3. New Large Screen HD or 4K TV.
  4. Riding Lawn Mower.
  5. Old Car or Truck (the title must be in your name)
  6. Gold, Platinum & Silver Jewelry.
  7. Large Diamond with Great Clarity.
  8. High-End Watch.

What can I sell to make money?

Here are 10 things you can sell to make money today.

  • Books. You probably won’t get rich selling old books online.
  • Gift cards. Unwanted gift cards can be turned into cash.
  • Furniture. Make more space and cash by selling old furniture.
  • Clothing.
  • Sports equipment.
  • Disney VHS tapes.
  • Scrap metal.
  • Kids toys.

Does Amazon buy used textbooks?

The Only Catch

Amazon’s textbook buyback program is part of their greater trade-in program. Payments are made in Amazon gift cards. For many people, this is as good as cash — especially because you can use those credits to turn around and buy your books for next semester.

What can you do with old edition textbooks?



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Where can I sell my books for cash in person?

Here are the top 10 places to sell books for cash, while decluttering or just to make a little extra money for something you want or need.

General Books

  2. (as Third-Party Seller)
  3. Sell Back Your Book.
  5. Half Price Books Stores.
  6. Yard Sales & Garage Sales.