Quick Answer: Why Are Books Released On Tuesdays?

“A Tuesday on-sale date allows our warehouse to ship to the West Coast with plenty of buffer time in order for the books to arrive prior to on-sale … so that all accounts receive equal treatment.” [at the same time].

Those sales, when combined, will help place a book higher on national bestseller lists,” he said.

What day of the week are books released?


Why are things released on Tuesday?

The Tuesday “street date” is the industry standard for three main reasons: 3) Tuesday provides the biggest opportunity to maximize revenue. As mentioned, the first day is the biggest day.

What is the best day to release a book?

The best days of the month to release a book is between the 7th and the 14th. If you’re self-publishing, don’t release your book on a Tuesday, because most big publishing houses release on Tuesday and you’d be in direct competition with them (wish I’d known that when I released my second novel).

Is the publication date the same as the release date?

The publication date is a global publication date, so we consider when books will be available in our European warehouse before we set it. The publication date is the date we work toward for review coverage and media interviews.