Why Is Textbook Important?

The textbook plays an important role in teaching and learning.

It represents a useful resource for both teachers as a course design- ers and learners as persons who are acquiring the English language.

Textbook adaptation is a process of overcoming problems in using only ready-made textbooks.

Why are textbooks important in college?

Every college student uses different college textbooks for their subjects. One advantage in using these books is that they provide essential information. The professors are the one reliable source of the information; the textbooks were used in order to provide more information.29 Apr 2012

Why is English textbook important?

A good text book is very important because it serves as guide to the syllabus, Particularly suggesting what should be taught. Textbook also provide exercises, activities and suggestions for further reading, which encourages the teacher to supplement material from other sources.

Why are textbooks better than tablets?

It’s much cheaper to replace a textbook than a tablet. Another reason why textbooks are better than tablets is that tablets allow kids short cuts. Textbooks are stronger than tablets, cheaper, cause less physical damage to a person, and they do not cause any distractions to the students.10 Feb 2015